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Dr. Richard Moussalli

Dr. Richard Moussalli

Practice Name: Richard Moussalli DDS PLLLC
Address: 115 South Phelps St. Decatur, MI 49045

About me

I placed my first implant in 1985 after 2 or 3 days training in Jerry Niznick's LA office.  I enjoyed 2 years of implant dentistry as an associate dentist in Chicago before purchasing a practice in a "Green Acres" move to a pleasant one stoplight town in Michigan.  The move was great for many reasons but implant dentistry was not one of them.  Cases were infrequent and eventually I gravitated to just doing the prosthetics on the few cases the rural economy provided, but I continued growing in other areas of surgery that insurance covered like perio, soft and occasional hard tissue grafting, and impactions. As more patients are now accepting implants, I started soaking up CE and placing them again, realizing how much I missed it.  It definitely has the juices flowing!  I cannot express enough thanks for the immense amount of time and good-spirited,  diligent teaching ethic poured out by the mentors and contributing members of DDSM.  As an outdoorsman, I can only say I have never enjoyed sitting in front of a computer so much!


  • DDS, University of Illinois, 1983
  • BSN, RN, University of Illinois, 1979