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Implant Case


 Is this the "Proverbial Rock & a Hard Place"........................

Robert Cadalso Jr., DDS, MS DDSMentoring 6/4/2018 6:35:00 PM

Easy case for Ramsey…….Subject: 77 yo white femaleShe had been fully edentulous when she presented to her previous dentist in 09/03 with existing FUD/FLD which that at that time were at least 20 years old (so to date she has been fully edentulous for over 35 years).She was determined to be Class III at the time and he referred to OS for removal of what was likely an epulis fissuratum due to ill fitting dentures at that time.The OS/GP/patient embarked upon a mutually agreed upon treatment plan in which she would end up with 4 mandibular ITI implants with a Hader bar/clips for an implant retained mandibular overdenture.The GP had a hard time...

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