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Implant Case


 Placing this one today: what is your rule on 1 vs 2 implants in larger posterior edentulous space?

Ryan Bucher DDS DDSMentoring 6/26/2018 10:01:00 AM

Patient is 74 yo caucasian male, takes Prilosec, Diclofenac (restless leg syndrome), Atorvastin (cholesterol) and had appendix removed, diverticulitis, carpal tunnel, hand surgeries; Hip replacement done in July 2016- takes premed.Pt had bridge from #2 to #4 in which #4 is non restorable, bridge has been sectioned at mesial of #2, but size of #3 pontic is like a premolar, #4 will be extracted and immediate implant placed. Edentulous space is...

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