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 Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia

Dr. Gregory Calloway DDSMentoring Updated: 11/25/2018 5:06:30 PM

Hey All,  I present you with a 58 year old African American femail with florid cemento-osseous dysplasia that I recently restored a single tooth implant in site #29 on. She had a root canaled tooth that went south, I extracted, grafted, and then replaced with a implant, 2 stage surgery with 60 Ncm primary stability. Everything went pretty smoothly, no major complications.implant placed March 27thPt was saving up for the crown, restored with screw retained zirconia crown on September 20th. Very light occlusion.on November 20th, pt returns with concerns because her implant is "performing poorly" She says its never bee quite right, it's loose.My...

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