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 Terminal dentition?????

Dr. Zachary Gilbertson DDSMentoring 4/4/2019 3:53:00 PM

Hi team!I need advice.I have a patient who is 72 years old. I met her like meeting all the new patients at the practice I bought, about a year ago (May) after she recovered from a botched intestinal surgery that almost took her life. She recovered and last September she had a colostomy bag removed at the time of a final surgery. She is 100% now.When I met her she was missing #6 and 7. I took a CBCT and these photos at that time to evaluate what kind of bone she had in that area to be able to place implants. But I was not going to do surgery on her while she had a colostomy bag attached to her. I made her an essex retainer and she wore that...

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