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I've grown up with implants.  Starting in 1979, while still in dental school, I studied under Robert James at LLUSD.  When Branemark started his "all on six" concept in the US, I paid attention, but was disappointed that virtually all of the cases were fully edentulous.  My practice focused on keeping teeth, and in my rural  Lake Arrowhead, I didn't seem to attract denture patients.  In 1992, for the first time, I heard about a funny, new "temporary" implant called the ITI.  Over the next four years, as I heard more and more about this fixture, I saw it had a place in my practice.  This was an implant designed, from the ground up, for single tooth replacement, which is where I lived.  After studying seriously for a year, I placed my first fixture in 1996. While I initially thought I would place about 10, that first year I placed about 70.  In 2005, when LLUSD acquired it's first CBCT, I learned how to use it, and started using it for most cases.  Two years ago, I sprung for my own.  I am mostly self-taught, self-trained, and have tried my best to avoid the school of hard knocks.  My practice is European in concept, necessitated by my rural location. (My office is actually located on the edge of a wilderness ).  I am a strong believer in the concept of general dentists providing  comprehensive implant services from diagnosis to cementation, all under one roof.  My practice is currently about 70% implant related, the balance being crowns, restorative and endo.  I also provide intravenous sedation.  

My motivation in life is restoration: old radios, wooden boats, old Porsche's or mouths.  Doesn't matter.  I just want to get them back their original design and function.  Yes, mouths were designed; they didn't just happen by chance.  To be good implant dentist, you have to be part auto mechanic, part general dentist, part periodontist, part oral surgeon, and part endodontist (just for the diagnosis...).  If any of those scare you, be prepared to get seriously frightened.  But if you're willing to learn, the only handicap is your imagination. 

When Jesus healed toothaches (the gospels have omitted these because a certain physician thought that they were unimportant....), Jesus didn't do an RCT, P&C, and PFM.  He gave them a new tooth.  I still can't do that.  But implants give me the next best thing....


  • DDS, Loma Linda, 1980

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Practice Name: Guy G. Giacopuzzi DDS
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