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Dr Joe Maio

General Dentist, Practice Management Specialist

About me

I have been very fortunate to be a involved with several groups and mentors over the past 10 years. Following my graduation from Creighton University, I was accepted into a 1 year AEGD at the United States Air Force Academy where I received over 300 hours of continuing education. As I worked hands-on with specialists in all fields throughout that year, I learned how important comprehensive care was for our patients. Further training included Full Mouth Reconstruction, Dental Implantology, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Sedation Dentistry. Despite the wonderful structure and training I received over my years in the military, the "entrepreneur within" was calling me to do more for our profession. I left the military for private practice after 3 years, taking with me unparalleled leadership skills and organization that I've found has been paramount to my success in a short period of time.

Since my separation from the USAF, I have continued my desire for knowledge and have received several Implant and Dental Laser certifications. I have been featured on Good Morning Utah and Good Things Utah as a leading authority on the use of CO2 lasers with Dental Implantology, Periodontics, and General Dentistry. I have also been recognized as an American Top Dentist for 5 consecutive years, as chosen by the Consumers Research Council of America.

Many dentists go through their entire career focusing only on the "technical" aspects of treating teeth. Although this training is imperative to any dental practice's success, there are often several overlooked components of our business that prevent full implementation of our new knowledge. Why do so many of us become these CE "junkies" and never make any more money? Is it staff? Is it our poor marketing? Is it lack of resources for capital investments? If treating teeth is so much "fun", why are we consistently one of the most hated professions in the world, and consistently have one of the highest suicide rates?

We are in the PEOPLE business...plain and simple. With recent changes in the health care industry, the volatile economy, and the rise of "corporate" dentistry, it's now more important than ever, we realize the power and strength of group models. We need to WAKE UP and realize OUR mind set and OUR egos have prevented us from reaching our full potential. I, along with some amazing partners, have created a system of management and growth that emphasizes on personal and professional development that can help their career. In just over 3 years, I've grown our dental business by nearly 300% in one of the most saturated market places on the planet! At Apex Family Dental, I focus on managing three simple things: people, time and money. My services will help you achieve your own "Apex" and I look forward to partnering with you on your adventure to grow your business to it's fullest potential.


  • DDS, Creighton University, 2005
  • AEGD, United States Air Force Academy, 2006
  • BS, Regis University, 2000

Practice Information:

Practice Name: Apex Dental
Address: 12391 South 4000 West Suite E Riverton, UT 84065