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/Become A Member in DDSMentoring As a member of you will have unlimited access to the website. You will have a priority status when communicating with the mentors. This means that if there is an urgent issue requiring counsel with the mentor of your choosing, you will receive an answer within 24 hours or sooner. You will have downloadable access to all services and products offered within the site. There will be ongoing educational conversation in the Forum. Most important, as a member you have the option to work with some of the most respected minds in our profession and have the opportunity to become their personal project for one year. mentors pride themselves on being able to assist you in incorporating the discipline of your choice into your general practice one case at a time. Every case that you submit to one of the mentors will be treatment planned and packaged in such a way that your case presentations will be complete and professional. All cases will be reviewed in detail with your mentor on a one-on-one basis prior to case treatment.

Continued Education

Continued Education for dentists Once inside the website, there will be Webinars, Group meetings, and Lectures that allow the member to receive CE and AGD Credits. This will provide ongoing continuing education for the membership as they are being mentored and completing their cases. But the education doesn’t stop there. As the members questions are answered and discussion groups and running conversation on different cases being published, all Members will have the ability to view these cases that are being completed. This will allow members to learn from different mentors and other members cases. Learning from others cases is the best way to broaden your experience. Not only will each case be published, but you will be able to ask questions or make statements that will be commented on by the entire membership in the forum. This broad exposure to so many professionals will quickly perfect your skills as well as your ability to diagnose and treatment plan your own cases without assistance. As new procedures are added to your practice, the diversification of disciplines will increase your production and shelter your practice from the influence of economic changes worldwide. This Facebook like approach of doctor to doctor interaction is unprecedented and is one of the unique innovations that Dr. O’Brien developed by founding

Professional Forums

Professional dental forums As a member you will have access to the professional Forum. This Forum is created by the Membership and Mentors as they posts cases, publications, product reviews, question and general conversations, etc. These posts will contain a detailed explanation of preoperative and postoperative parameters, any photographs used to treatment plan a specific case, general conversations regarding the protocol or material usage as well as an ongoing dialog regarding issues and problems associated with each procedure. allows each member to filter the forum to specific case types or mentors. This filter also allows the member to select a particular group or discipline so that only those posts related to the area of interest are seen. This powerful tool allows the member to either read all the conversation regarding all members and discipline or only the posts and comments of a specific mentor or group. This allows each member to customize their experience to the specific needs of their practice. Mentors will be able to oversee the comments and intervene where they feel it is appropriate.

Literature Review Section

literature review section On a regular basis the mentors will be adding publications to the Literature Review Section from the major refereed Journals. Each mentor selects articles related to the particular subject they feel will be beneficial to the members. They will then publish these select articles in the PDF format in the Literature Review Library. This Library is organized by the date that the paper is published. All members will have unlimited access to this library as well as the ability to download each paper of interest free of charge. Being in touch with the most recent publications is what separates Members from other professionals. You will always have the ability to stay on the cutting edge of research as well as being able to apply this knowledge into your daily routine.

Online Procedure Support

Members will never feel alone in a difficult situation. One of the biggest reasons for doctors not getting involved in advanced disciplines of dentistry is the fear the unknown. Making that first incision on your first edentulous ridge or taking on a full mouth perio-surgery case is nerve racking at any level. Having access to an expert, will give members the confidence to move forward in areas that they would have not approached in the past. When unexpected issues arise, the ability to contact a Mentor online at your convenience, who has experience in the procedure, provides the member with access to the detailed steps necessary to finish the case with confidence. Proper antibiotic treatment, detailed explanation of the proper steps to take, and the assurance that the patient will be fine is just a login away. Online Support

We have a staff of professionals that are ready to assist you with DDSmentoring website. There are written instructions as well as instructional videos related to the navigation and utilization of the site. If there is a function that you don’t understand or you’re just having trouble with the site, our team is ready to help you personally. We take great pride in problem solving and are ready to assist you with the issue at hand.

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