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Guy Deyton

 Guy Deyton

Practice Name: Guy Deyton DDS
Address: 6416 N Cosby Ave Kansas City, MO 64151
Operating Hours: 
M-Th From 8 to 5

About me

1984 Graduate of UMKC SOD.  GPR at Dwight D. Eisesenhower VA Hospital.  Matriculated through Dawson, Spear, Kois curriculums.  30 years experience restoring implants.  NO experience placing implants.  Past president of Missouri Dental Association.  Past Missouri Dental Board member.  Author of Missouri's conscious sedation statutes and rules.  Author of MIssouri' EFDA statute and rules.


  • BEd, U of Mo, 1975
  • DDS, UMKc, 1984