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Dr. Andy Fletcher

Dr. Andy Fletcher

Practice Name: Andrew R. Fletcher, DDS
Address: 1130 Coffee Rd. Modesto, CA 95355
Operating Hours: 
M-Th From 8AM to 5PM

About me

I have been in private general solo practice since 1995 in the central valley of California. I love all aspects of general dentistry (not a fan of endo...try to convince me).

I have restored implants (mostly Astra) for the past 15 years, typically in response to where the specialist placed the tooth. I decided that I wanted more control over the location of the implant placement for better restorative results. After a few years with DDSMentoring, I have increased my knowledge and understanding about how the human body responds to surgery, grafting and implant dentistry and have begun to complete many more surgical procedures in the office. The number one thing I have learned is how to better treatment plan for more predictable and consistent results.

I continue to work with specialists in my community when treating orthodontics, endodontics and complicated oral and periodontal surgery. I know my abilities and limits better than anytime in my career.


  • BA English, University of the Pacific, 1990
  • DDS Dentistry, UOP School of Dentistry, 1995