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Dr. Andy Fletcher

Dr. Andy Fletcher

Practice Name: Andrew R. Fletcher, DDS
Address: 1130 Coffee Rd. Modesto, CA 95355
Operating Hours: 
M-Th From 8AM to 5PM

About me

I have been in private general solo practice since 1995 in the central valley of California. I love all aspects of general dentistry (except endo...try to convince me).

I restored implants (mostly Astra) since beginning my career, typically in response to where the specialist placed the tooth. In 2012, I decided that I wanted more control over the location of the implant placement for better restorative results, so I went to a class hosted by Dr. Gary O'Brien.

That led to DDSMentoring whereI increased my knowledge and understanding about how the human body responds to surgery, grafting and implant dentistry. Now I am regularly guiding and directing the entire process from diagnosis to cementation in my office. The number one thing I have learned is how to better treatment plan for more predictable and consistent results.

I continue to work with specialists in my community, but have learned to recognize both my abilities and limits better than anytime in my career.


  • BA English, University of the Pacific, 1990
  • DDS Dentistry, UOP School of Dentistry, 1995